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Find My Photographer

Find and Book a Photographer for Any Occassion

Project Type

UI/UX Design


UI/UX Designer

The Problem

Individuals looking to book a photographer have to spend hours of time researching and reaching out to book a session. 


A friend of mine was getting married and she expressed how awful it is to try and find the perfect photographer for her special occasion. She spent countless hours researching different photographers, along with contacting them all individually to see their availability and pricing. Most of the time, these photographers were not the right budget or were unavailable. Some didn't even take the time to respond to her. What if there was a way to browse photographers and book your session with a few clicks?



The research phase of this project began with understanding the target audience. The target audience includes customers needing a photographer for the occasion of family photos, engagements, and weddings. Research continued in the areas of aesthetic, technology, and photography.


  1. You recently got engaged to the love of your life. You need to book an engagement photographer as soon as you can. You live in Portland, Oregon and you prefer a boho style. You would like to spend between $200 and $300 on the photographer. 

  2. You booked your wedding for March of next year. You are finally ready to book your wedding photographer. You are getting married in Portland, Oregon and you still want a boho style. You know you don't want to spend over $3000 on the wedding day and bridals. You also know you want a photographer that responds fast and really connects with you. 

  3. The holidays are around the corner and you need to send out cards soon. You realize that you need an updated family photo. You live in New Milford, Connecticut and you need a photographer that works well with children. Your goal is to keep the price below $300.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works".

- Steve Jobs

Find My Photographer

Find My Photographer is an app that allows any user to find a photographer that will best fit their needs and wants. This allows you to find photographers within your location, style, occasion, and price range. This app also allows you to quickly message the photographer, which creates great communication between client and photographer. This app works on desktop, tablet, and cellular device. 

Mobile View

Tablet View


Desktop View



User testing highly changed the flow and overall design of the app. There were over 6 different iterations of user testing throughout the process. User testing proved what was working well and what needed to be more intuitive. If you would like specifics on this process, please contact me.

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