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Helping the Hearing

Project Type

UI/UX Design

System Design


UI/UX Designer

The Problem

Hearing people can not communicate with the Deaf if they do not know American Sign Language. 


The Deaf community is not only an exclusive community, but they are also a community that views being deaf with pride. The hearing has a responsibility to communicate with the deaf. I wanted to help bridge the massive gap between the Deaf community and the hearing. HearingAid is all about immersing the hearing into a new world, a more inclusive world, and the abridged world between hearing and non-hearing alike. 

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Emily was born deaf to two hearing parents. Her parents are both busy with work and everyday life. They tried to learn ASL to communicate with Emily, but they never really seemed to grasp it. Emily's parents have the responsibility to bridge the communication gap and prevent Emily from living in further isolation.  

90% of the deaf are born to hearing parents. In most cases, parents are unable to truly learn American Sign Language.

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Hearing loss affects more than 48 million people in the United States alone. 


HearingAid is an augmented reality system through which the user can communicate with the deaf. HearingAid not only bridges the communication gap between the hearing and the deaf but also better aids the user in learning American Sign Language. 

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Hands-Free Device

HearingAid is a "hands-free" device. All you have to do is blink twice and it will turn on the device. There are no clumsy or inconvenient buttons. 

Accurate Translation

HearingAid tracks the motion of the hands so there is an accurate translation in real-time. No mistakes or funny translations with this device. 

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Learning at Your Pace

HearingAid offers a unique experience in which the user can better learn ASL. The user is able to learn at their own rate and their comfort level. Learning can be done simply with everyday use. The device speeds up the better the user gets at ASL.

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Working on a system to help those who are hearing communicate with the Deaf community has been extremely rewarding. I was fortunate enough to get feedback during my showcase from members of the Deaf community. I have plans to continue reworking this project as technology develops. I see a future for this system in VR systems such as Oculus. Another phase will be centered around a learning game in the system. 

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