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Synchronize your team through reliable unified communications (UCaaS).

Project Type

UI/UX Design


UI/UX Designer

The Problem

Synkato's website no longer had accurate product information or images.


Synkato is a unified communication (UCaaS) platform targeted toward modern, small businesses. Synkato's original design did not offer much understanding of the product itself. Users were often unsure of what the product truly offered and could provide for customers. 

Synkato also went through a UI redesign that was not represented on the site. The content on the site felt impersonal and disconnected from the clean interface of the product. 

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Synkato_Download in the app store


The research process was heavily focused on Synkato's competitors. This process was eye-opening, not only was this site not communicating how the product works, but it was also not selling the 'why'. Why should I buy this product over every other UCaaS system out there?

User feedback helped confirmed that users were unsure of what was being sold on the site. Therefore, we need a site that communicates what Synkato is. 

"Very often design is the most immediate way of defining what products become in peoples' minds" 

- Jony Ive

Meet Synkato

Meet Synkato, a way to introduce the user to the product. Product recognition is a key element in establishing trust with users. Users needed a fast way to break down information about the product, the Meet Synkato hero image accomplishes this need. 

Throughout the rest of the site, the flow is now designed to keep the user engaged and encourages exploration of the product. 

Android copy.png


This was the first phase of the redesign for this project. The second phase will be centered around the 'Why'. Why is this UCaaS better than others? Why will this system work well for my company? Why should I purchase Synkato?

User feedback will provide more direction for phase II. Phase II will also include a pricing plan for users to quickly compare different plan options. There will also be a self-serve portal that will allow the user to purchase and install the product within a few clicks without the help of a sales representative. 

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